How stress harms your workout and fitness routine

How stress harms your workout and fitness routine

Stress is really the biggest killer of your mental and physical health. Today everyone is talking about the dark side of stress and stressful life. It affects the way you eat, sleep or even the way we think. Often many people opt for workout and exercise to get rid of the negative energy of the stress. However, they forget that the claws of stress are there as well. Stress has a serious impact on your workout routine and your fitness goals. Let’s find out the ways in which stress affects your fitness. (Also read: How verbal abuse causes stress in life)

It kills your Concentration
Some exercises require your focus and concentration. If you fail to focus on them you run the risk of getting injured. So, when you are dealing with stress, it clouds your mind with negative thoughts. Thus, making it hard to concentrate.

Ruins your Motor Coordination
According to a study, the impact of stress is really harmful to your motor coordination. In simple words, when you exercise you use a combination of muscles to workout that is called the motor coordination. However, the stress damages that coordination, making the workout tough.  (Also read: What are the different stress toys to provide stress relief)

Slows down your recovery
A stressed mind means a stressed body. It is perfectly natural to suffer from injuries when you are working out. However, when you are stressed the journey to recovery takes really long. According to a study on stress, it was found that stress slows down the muscle recovery.

Stress makes it harder to lose weight
People who deal when extreme stress, often crib about their weight-gain and health issues. Stress raises the cortisol level in the body. As a result, the body simply starts storing more fats in response. In a study, it was found that stress makes it harder to lose weight.

Kills the motivation
When you decide to turn to fitness, the most important thing is motivation. Stress demotivates you from working hard to get in shape. According to a study at Yale, it was noticed that stress kills the fitness motivation.  (Also read: How smiling helps to deal with stress in life)

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