How emotions Lead to Weight Gain

emotions lead weight gain

You look unfit with excess fats on the body.  The extra fat in the body also causes many health problems. The people gain weight due to many reasons. The human body accumulates fat due to consumption of unhealthy food and an unhealthy lifestyle. Many people are unaware of the fact that emotions can lead to weight gain. The emotions drive the hormone in the body. And the stomach is influenced by series of hormones, which move through brain and body constantly. As our body reflects our emotional state- our blood pressure goes high and heartbeat goes up when we are afraid. Similarly, hormone-driven emotions can cause weight loss or weight gain. (Also read: Breakfast-related mistakes that increase your weight)

Here are the emotions that put your belly fat in motion.


The loneliness is one of the worst feelings. There is a substantial link between loneliness and weight gain. The people who experience loneliness escalates the levels of the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin, which causes them to feel hungrier sooner. To get rid of this problem just find a partner and do exercises to stay fit.

Feeling Deprived

If you feel like depriving yourself of something then you are more likely to overeat. Moreover, if you trying to resist, you may face more cravings. In this condition it hard to satisfy cravings as our brains actually become wired to view forbidden foods as rewards. (Also read: What are the exercises one should practice to gain weight at home)

You’re Anxious

Your body feels like it is under a tremendous amount of stress if you are anxious. The anxiety effectively triggers weight gain. Moreover, the people with eating disorders also suffer from anxiety.


If you are suffering from the stress, then your body will produce adrenaline hormone. This hormone causes fat gain all over the body. The stress also releases a second hormone called cortisol. This hormone grabs all those unused fatty acids from your bloodstream and stores them in your belly region.


You will not able to make healthy food choices when you are bored. This makes you an emotional eater. (Also read: What Are The Major Reasons Of Weight Gain After Surgery)

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