Habits that put your immune system under attack

habits that put immune system under attack

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The immune system protects the body from diseases. Unfortunately, our immune system becomes weak with the age. Moreover, there are many lifestyle habits that make our immune system weaken more even before ageing. Hence, if you are concerned to keep your immune system strong, you have to eliminate habits which are harming your immune system.

Here are the following habits that make your immune system weak:

Taking antacids
Taking antacids may work against your immune system as they affect the stomach pH levels, which works to sterilise food. If the foods can’t sterilise properly, it may cause infection. If you have been consuming antacids more than three months. Try to eliminate it naturally in order to preserve immune system.

You take certain medications
Certain pain medications can affect the lining of the gut and intestines where the majority of immune cells reside. This may cause infection, which your immune system simply cannot fight off as effectively. If you consume pain relievers once in a while, you are not at risk, compared to someone who takes them for chronic pain.

Consuming antibiotics
Antibiotics also weaken the immune system. The antibiotics fight against bad bacteria but they also destroy good bacteria. The people who consume antibiotics for chronic infections – especially women who get urinary tract infections are at a greater risk for a weak immune system.

Drink excessively
Excessive consumption of alcohol also weakens the immune system as it impedes the production of white and red blood cell. In this regard, stick to the limit of two drinks and avoid regular drinking.

Traveling frequently
Travelling may be adventurous and enjoyable but bad sleep and ill eating routine may affect your immune system. If you want travel world while staying healthy, stick to your normal routine as much as possible and be mindful of any food or water warnings specific to your destination.

You are lonely

It is believed that being lonely can change a person’s immune system. Loneliness can be a symptom of a mental health issue or can result from being physically withdrawn from others. Whatever is the cause of your loneliness just cure it, which can definitely give your immune system a boost.

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