Four Common HIIT Mistakes You are Making

four hiit mistakes you are probably making

High-Intensity Interval (HIIT) is famous for burning fat and improving the metabolic rate. This training is also known as high-intensity intermittent exercise HIIE or sprint interval training (SIT). These pieces of training are practised with short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. Though this training is beneficial to burn calories and it improves metabolic rate, there are scores of people that fail to yield maximum results from the training because they commit mistakes. If the exercise is practised in a perfect way only then it gives a result at the earliest. (Also read: Exercises to transform your whole body in just 10 minutes)

Here the mistakes which should be avoided during HIIT training:

Failing to Warm Up

Starting HIIT training immediately after hitting the gym is not a good idea. If you skip the warm-up, you may only put your maximum effort during the halfway of the workout. In this regard, before starting HIIT training, warm up your body.

Planning Long Workouts

The perfect HIIT workout session can end anywhere from four to 20 minutes. If you push yourself hard during the HIIT, you won’t able to more than. You can drag yourself for a long time but not as efficiently. (Also read: Important exercises to strengthen all the muscles of the hips)

Not Going Hard Enough

To yield max results from HIIT, you have to push at 80 to 90 percent of your max heart rate. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor, think of this at a rate of perceived exertion scale (or RPE), meaning how hard you feel like you’re working.

Training too often

It is well-known fact that the recovery is crucial. If you have done HIIT training properly then your muscles ripped to shreds, so recovery plays an important role. Moreover, recovery time between the sprints is also important. If you cut down the recovery time then you won’t be able to go hard in next interval. (Also read: Five Amazing Benefits of drinking water)

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