Which food should be consumed together to escalate weight loss process

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food consumed together escalate weight loss process

Weight loss is very difficult for many people because they do not know the right technique and method. To reduce weight, people do things like dieting, low-fat foods, exercises or yoga. But sometimes it leads to nowhere despite doing all this, they do not lose weight. Apart from this, there are many side effects on the body. Exercise is also likely to cause body muscle pain. But there are some foods that can be consumed in combination to lose weight. Moreover, these food combinations have no side effects. (Also read: What Are The Things Nobody Will Tell You About Losing Weight)

Let’s know which food combination should be consumed to lose weight.

Oatmeal and Berries

Both oatmeal and Berries are good options for weight loss as they both have an inelegant fibre which reduces food craving. Apart from this, there is a chemical called polyphenols which prevent fat from forming in the body and also reduces the calories.

Curd and Cinnamon

If you want to reduce belly fat, curd can prove to be beneficial for you as it contains vitamin-D. Apart from this, curd and cinnamon contain vitamin-C and calcium which burns extra fat in the body and also absorbs it as well. (Also read: What are the reasons why you are not losing belly fat)

Cinnamon and Coffee

Mixing cinnamon in the coffee decreases your appetite. Cinnamon is calorific-free and it contains antioxidants which help in reducing belly fat. Consuming both of them helps to reduce your weight.

Dark chocolate, berries and walnuts

Healthy eating does not mean that you leave the sweet food. Chocolate helps to reduce your weight because it contains antioxidant and flavonols which inhibits weight gain. Walnuts, dark chocolate, and berries contain poly-saturated fat, which reduces fat and improves metabolism.

Almond and curd

Almonds and yoghurt contain vitamin-A, D and E, which increases the metabolic rate of the body. The combination of almond and curd regulate body weight. Apart from this, there are many other nutrients present in this combination that reduce the body fat and reduce calories. (Also read: What are the Snacks with less than 100 calories to lose weight)

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