Exercises to strengthen muscle that prevent hips down injuries

you may be ignoring muscle that prevent hips down injuries exercise to strengthen it

People work hard to get good physique and spend long hours in the gym to stay fit. Unfortunately, people ignore the important muscle that prevents from many hips down injuries. This is the largest muscles in the gluteal group. It is composed of three muscles including gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, and gluteus medius. It sits above the gluteus maximus and attaches to your hip joint and thus performs several important functions. Moreover, the gluteus medius even works when you are standing still and it is also a key muscle group for maintaining a nice, youthful posture. (Also read: Which things you should add to your workout to burn more calories)

Benefits of Training the Gluteus Medius
The hips begin to drop unnaturally if the gluteus medius grows weaker. For instance, this is noticed when your knees collapsing in toward one another during squats. In turn, the strong gluteus medius improves your posture and prevent injuries from the hip down.

Mountain Climbers

This exercise target the medius and help to improve the pelvic stabilisation as well as mobility. To practice this exercise, use an incline, like a bench or log outside, place hands slightly wider than the shoulder width. Position one leg forward, bending it under your body and extend the other leg back.  Follow, alternate leg positions, landing on both feet simultaneously. For better results practice two sets of 30 mountain climbers. And also increasing leg speed after each set of 10. (Also read: What are the easiest ways to get rid of the love handles)

Lunge split jacks

This exercise targets all your glute muscles. Moreover, it also increases cardio strength. To practice this exercise, stand with one foot forward and one foot back like you are taking a big step. Lower into a split squat. After this jump up and land with one foot forward. As soon as you land, lower again into a split squat. For better results practice thirty split jacks.


This exercise effectively works on the entire body. This exercise requires the use of a raised step or rock. To practice this exercise, start by standing parallel to your step or elevated marker. Following this, jump up, bringing your knees to your chest, and land just on the other side of your step. After this immediately explode back up into the air and jump to the other side. For better results practice 10 jumps. (Also read:In which situations you can take a break from workout)

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