Workout: What are the rules of being a great workout partner

Workout keeps you motivated

Workout: Rules for being a great workout partner

Despite dumbbells, kettlebells and bars play a key role in a workout but workout partner is equally important. The workout partner stands above you on the bench press and makes sure you don’t decapitate yourself while practising the exercise. Moreover, a great workout partner motivates you and also pushes you harder. Sometimes it is quite difficult for people to exercise regularly due to lack of interest but the gym partner maintains your interest in exercise. Moreover, if you practice workout with the partner then there are less risk of injuries and you can practice more reps. (Also read: Why you need a partner to workout)

Workout: Let’s know what are signs of the good workout partner

  • On time
  • Know when to push and when to hold back
  • Be a coach
  • But don’t over-coach
  • Do your homework
  1. On time

    Workout partner helps in achieving fitness goals
    Workout: Workout partner keeps you motivated.

    Always choose a workout partner with a similar attitude towards punctuality. For an instance, if you think 7 am means 7:00 sharp and your partner have an attitude that 7: 30 qualifies as on time then may you have problems.

  2. Know when to push and when to hold back
    It is important to know when to push and when to hold while practising workout. If you notice during exercise that your partner is not practising exercise properly and is risking himself to injury, it’s your responsibility to advise him to take down the weights. It is also your responsibility to motivates him to come back stronger in your next session.
  3. Be a coach
    One of the great things about workout partner is that they know your strengths. They will cue between exercise and middle of a set such as drive your knees out or stay your heels longer. Moreover, the exercise like squats and presses are complicated and have your partner eyes can guide you to improve exercise.
  4. But don’t over-coach
    Sometimes workout partners are over-analytical and point out every piece of instruction before your hands on the bar. Always give instruction on the basis what you observe during lifts. Not give more than the most important one or two cues during the set because it is impossible to correct half a dozen things at once. (Also read: Six-pack abs: Important eating tips to get shredded six pack abs)
  5. Do your homework
    Always research that is beneficial for your goals and helps you to workout together. For better results do a fair share of the prep work and bringing good ideas to your training session.

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Workout partner plays an important role in accomplishing fitness goals. Moreover, the workout partner also keeps you motivated and protect you from injuries.


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