Workout: What are the benefits of practicing 15 minutes workout

Benefits of practicing 15 minutes exercise

Workout: what are the benefits of 15 minutes exercise

The workout is necessary to stay fit and healthy. The various exercises are performed under different workout routines, according to the fitness goals. To attain fit body people work hard and spend long hours in the gym. The majority of people think that by spending long hours in the gym they can attain good body. This is not a truth, you can become fit by just performing 15 minutes workout. The 15 minutes workout brings a lot of changes in the body and provides numerous benefits. The 15 minutes exercises will be helpful in building strong muscles, burn calories and keep weight under control. (Also read: Core-strengthening: What are the benefits of core-strengthening exercise)

Let’s know the benefits of practising 15 minutes exercise:

  • Manage weight
  • Boost your brain power
  • Live Longer
  • Burn more calories
  • Stay happy
  1. Manage weight
    The shortest strength training burn calories effectively even after the workout. If you practice 11-minutes strength training, thrice in a week, it will increase the metabolic rate. It keeps unhealthy weight at bay. (Also read: Bodybuilding Exercises: No-equipment exercises to strengthen upper body)
  2. Boost your brain power
    Many people think that workout is good for the body but it is also good for brain power. If you practise exercise for 15 minutes, will boost your brainpower.
  3. Live Longer
    Health benefits of just 15 minutes exercise.
    Workout: Just 15 exercise keep you healthy.

    Just 15 minutes of exercise helps you live longer. If you exercise daily, it keeps many health-related issues at bay. Moreover, the exercise also improves the immunity and strength of the body.

  4. Burn more calories
    The majority of HIIT workout last in 15 minutes.People who practice HIIT training burn more calories as compared to people who follow slow steady state cardio.
  5. Stay happy
    The exercise not only makes you happy but also improves your mood. Just 15 minutes of exercise escalate the hormone endorphins. The endorphins improve the mood and keep you happy. (Also read: HIIT Training: Which foods you should consume after HIIT training)

Exercise is very important to stay healthy and fit. But it is not mandatory to spend long hours in the gym as you can attain fitness by just practising 15 minutes exercise.

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