Workout plan to lose two inches of belly fat

workout plan to lose two inches of belly fat

The excessive belly fats may cause many health-related problems. Not only health-related problem problems, the excessive belly makes you look unfit. The fat inside the belly is also termed as visceral fat and they are harmful. Moreover, losing the belly fat can be a difficult task. People work hard and adopt many methods to get rid of belly fat. Unfortunately, the people are unaware of 20 minutes workout which helps to lose 2 inches of belly fats. (Also read: Amazing tips to get rid of upper chest lagging)

 Let’s know about the 20 min workout which helps to lose belly fat.

Goblet Squat

To practice goblet squat, grab a kettlebell or dumbbell close to your chest while standing. After this squat down until your hamstrings are on your calves. Make sure, your chest, head up and back is straight.


To practice pushup, come in plank position. After this, keep your tight and lower down your chest until touches the ground. Following this, push your body away from the floor and come to the starting position. (Also read: Which foods should be consume to stay fit)

Kettlebell (or dumbbell) swing

To practice the kettlebell swing, bend the waist and grab the kettlebell handle with both hands. After this, lift the kettlebell off the ground and allow it to swing between your legs. Your knees should bend slightly during this movement. Keep your back flat and neck straight.

One-Arm Dumbbell Row

To practice one -arm dumbbell row, place the right leg on the bench, bend your torso forward from the waist until your upper body is parallel to the floor and place your right hand on the bench. Then grab a dumbbell with the left hand. After this pull dumbbell straight up to the side of your chest while keeping your upper arm close to your side. Repeat the same procedure with another side.

Dumbbell Split Squat

To practice this exercise, stand in in a lunge position with back foot elevated on the bench while holding dumbbells in both hands. After this bend front knee to lower into a lunge position and then come to start position. (Also read: How do skipping ropes help to stay fit and healthy)

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