Workout mistakes: Warm up and cool down mistake wrecking workout

Never repeat this mistakes to reap results from workout.

Workout mistakes: Cool down and warm up is important for workout.

Likewise, exercise and nutritious food are important to stay fit, warm up cool and cool down is also important. Warm up is practised before workout while cooldown is practised after the workout. Warm up before workout prepares the body for exercise by raising heart rate and circulation. Moreover, the warm up before a workout also prevents injuries. Similarly, cool down helps your heart rate and breathing to return towards resting levels gradually. It also helps to avoid fainting or dizziness. Therefore, both are important to attain the fitness levels but some people made some mistakes while doing the warm up and cool down which wreck their workout. It is important to be aware of these mistakes, so you should avoid these mistakes and reap the best results at the earliest. (Also read: Why should one do a proper warm up before working out)

Workout mistakes: This warm up and cool down mistakes may be wrecking your workout

  • Skipping your warm up
  • Not warming up long enough
  • Performing the same warm up for every workout
  • Not cooling down afterwards
  • Stopping your workout suddenly
  1. Skipping your warm up
    Never skip warm up before workoutWorkout mistakes: Warm up is necessary before the workout.
    Many people skip warm up to save time but this is harmful. It is important to warm up before the workout as it raises your heart rate, pump oxygenated blood to your muscles and also raise core body temperature.
  2. Not warming up long enough
    Many people complete their warm up by just spending two minutes on the treadmill. But this is not good, the good warm up lasts between five to 10 minutes. Always practice your warm up for five to minutes as a body needs adequate time to circulate blood.
  3. Performing the same warm up for every workout
    Practising to the same workout regularly is not a good idea. Some people just spend some time on the treadmill for warm up before every workout which is not good for fitness. For better results, you need to warm up the muscles you will be using. (Also read: Abs workout: Thirty-minute dumbbell workout to build abs and obliques)
  4. Not cooling down afterwards
    Skipping cool down after workout may save your time but it may hurt your muscles. Avoiding cool down may increase soreness and even cause blood pooling. A proper cool down helps the body to initiate the repairing process.
  5. Stopping your workout suddenly
    Cooldown lower your core temperature and heart rate. It also helps the body to start the recovery process. Instead of stopping your workout suddenly practice some cool down stretches.

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Warm up and cool down are really important to reap the benefits of a workout. Unfortunately, some people made some mistakes while doing the warm up and cool down which hamper their workout results.

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