Why should one do a proper warm up before working out

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Why should one do a proper warm up before working out

Doing a warm-up is necessary before any workout session. No matter what kind of workout you are doing like cardio, strength training, yoga or anything else, one must start them by doing a proper warm up. Warm up not only helps to make the muscles ready for the workout but also improves the pace by which you can work out. If you do a good warm up, your body prepares itself for a heavy workout. If you are taking up some new workout, you should make sure that you perform work out properly. However, if you are doing a moderate workout, you can have a light workout session. Let’s discuss why warm is necessary before a workout. (Also read: What are the easiest ways to get rid of the love handles)

Why should one do a proper warm up before working out?

Improves the blood flow to the muscles: If you do a good warm up before start working out then you there is an adequate amount of blood flow to the muscles. This makes the muscles efficient in performing a workout in a better way. This way one can do a good and effective workout.

Keeps the heart healthy: If you do a workout without a warmup then there is a great stress on the heart. It even leads to the fluctuation of the blood pressure. Warm up prepares the body and heart for a heavy workout. (Also read: In which situations you can take a break from workout)

Reduces the possibility of injury: Without doing a proper workout there are more chances of damaging the soft tissues of the body like muscles, ligaments, tendons etc. By doing a warm-up the, soft tissues can move easily.

Prepare us mentally: When you do a warm up, then your mind also prepares itself to work out. Thus, you don’t feel tired while exercising.

Keeps the joints lubricated: The muscles and the joints have to work hard while exercising. Thus, warm up helps the joints and the bones to stay lubricated. This eventually helps to workout in a better way. (Also read: Which things you should add to your workout to burn more calories)

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