Why one should avoid drinking water after certain activities

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Why one should avoid drinking water after certain activities

Water is the best solution for many problems, we generally come across. There are immense benefits of drinking water. It helps in secreting out the waste from the body and helps to prevent the problem of constipation. It helps to burn out the excess calories of the body and keep us satiated for a longer period of time. One can never go wrong while drinking water, but there are certain activities and time when one should avoid drinking water. Though drinking water is a healthy habit, it might turn into an unhealthy practice if consumed after these activities. (Also read: Drink Hot Water And Stay Healthy: Know about the health benefits of hot water)

Here are some activities after which you should avoid drinking water:

Already drank enough of water:

Some people just follow the rule of drinking water without considering the amount and time they are drinking. Excessive drinking of water when you already have a sufficient amount of it can eventually wash off the necessary salt content from the body. It leads to lower the sodium count of the body and may raise the problem of hyponatremia.

When the colour of the urine is clear:

If the colour of your pee is light yellow or yellow then you should drink water. If it’s more towards the clear side, then your body is well hydrated and you can avoid that extra glass of water you are trying to sip. (Also read: Foods That Slow Down Your Metabolism)

After having heavy meals:

If you really want to burn the calories, start drinking water before having meals. Water helps to satiate hunger and makes us feel full for a long period of time. This will help you in taking fewer calories. Drinking water in between the meals and right after you take your lunch will eventually destroy the digestive enzymes of the body. This will make you feel uneasy and your food will take more time to get digest than usual.

After a heavy workout for a prolonged period of time:

While we do a heavy workout, we burn out a lot of calories. Our sweat comprises of sodium and potassium. Due to the loss of these nutrients from the body, it eventually becomes necessary to regain them. These nutrients are not present in plain water, thus try to replace your plain water with an energy drink with fewer calories or coconut water. (Also read: Tips to get slimmer waist within a week)

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