Why muscles are not growing despite hard workout

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why muscles are not growing despite hard workout

Everybody make efforts to build strong and big muscles by going to the gym, but after a lot of hard workouts, some people do not get any results. The reason behind this problem is their way of working and eating, these reasons are put negative effects instead of putting a positive impact on their muscles. If you want to develop your muscles then you have to avoid these things right now. (Also read: Top 5 effective ways to do push-ups)

Let’s know what factors playing a negative impact on your muscles even after hard workouts:

Avoiding food because of fear of being fat:

Fat is accumulated in your body by consuming calories, but this does not mean that you stop using the calorie intake or eat less than fear of being fat. Because if you are doing right and regular workouts, then the body uses calories to make the muscles and your muscles are formed. On the other hand, due to low food, your body does not get adequate protein and nutrition, which plays a negative impact on muscle growth.

Way of doing cardio

why muscles are not growing despite hard workout

The cardio will start shrinking your muscles if you practice the cardio for a long time with an empty stomach. Because cardio burns more calories than your body, so your body does not get enough calories for the development of muscles. Along with this, your body is already in a position to burn the muscles and due to cardio, the muscles start to decrease rapidly. (Also read: Four major reasons to practice squats)

Split routine

In the split routine, you can exercise a muscle group in a workout session, such as chest, biceps, triceps or back. But doing so weakens your other muscles. In this regard,  you can practice Total Body Workout or Compound Exercise, which strengthens and target more than one muscle group. The total body workout also makes all the surrounding muscles strong.

Eat occasionally

By not eating anything for more than three hours, your metabolism becomes slow and when you eat something, it becomes fat and accumulated in your body. Therefore, do not keep your body hungry for long while exercising, but try to eat something in a while. This will not slow down your metabolism, and whatever you eat, instead of becoming fat, it will work to develop your muscles.

Practicing same workout routine

By practising a similar type of workout routine for a long time, your muscles will start decreasing. Because your muscles need additional pressure to grow, and the same type of workout makes the muscles habit of pressures from those exercises. So keep adding variety to your workout routine. (Also read: Three types of pilates reformer exercises to improve fitness level)

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