Why moderate workout is important

moderate workout important

The majority of fitness freaks follow High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to achieve fitness goals. Yes, of course, this workout helps you to escalates the intensity of cardio work. Some people follow the same routine HIIT workout daily, which creates hurdle in achieving fitness goals. If HIIT escalates the intensity of a cardio workout, it does not mean that you practice this workout daily. If you practice moderate workout it will provide you more benefits. (Also read: Exercises to transform your whole body in just 10 minutes)

Here are the reasons why moderate workout is beneficial:

Variations give good result

HIIT workout is very beneficial to burn calories and train hard in short span of time. But the HIIT workout is not able to take the place of moderate work out. On one hand, HIIT workout needs mental focus and motivation on the other hand moderate work gives you a chance to relax. Their chance of over workout with HIIT training and moderate workout make the base of the workout. Our body tempo as well tries HIIT workout alternate days not regularly for a better result.

Fat burner

The slow workout is more beneficial to burn fats. The slower workout use stored as fuel. (Also read: Important exercises to strengthen all the muscles of the hips)

More Energy

The HIIT workout drains the energy of the body and also increase the risk of injury. The slower work out strengthens yours over all cardiovascular health. It also makes your lungs, heart and respiratory system more powerful. The slower workout also increases the size and density of mitochondria, which is a power plant in your body’s cell.

No more starvation

The high-intensity workouts leave you hungry, which may lead to eating more calorie consumption. On the other hand, the slower workout may not leave hungry and there is less chance of consuming fatty foods.

The both workouts have their advantages and disadvantages. You should also practice the HIIT workout but a couple of times in a week. (Also read: Signs that indicate your weightlifting routine is wrong)

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