Why Fartlek training is beneficial for runners

Why Fartlek training is beneficial

Nowadays, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has become very popular among fitness freaks. The concept of interval training had found many years ago originally called as Fartlek. The Fartlek is a combination of short and fast bursts of intensive exercise. This training will also help to raise the level of fitness. It will help to burn more calories, strength, endurance, motivation as well as overall athletic performance.

How To Fartlek

Fartlek is a mixture of regular running interspersed with higher-speed intervals. While practising Fartlek, you have to ensure mixing of pace throughout the run. A genuine Fartlek run could involve running at target pace sprints and slower recovery sections.

Sample Workout plan for Fartlek

Warm up for 5-10 minutes. Then start the first sprint with maximum intensity for comfortable stretch. After this recover for 2 minutes by slowing down to an easy jog or a walk. After the recovery, start 2nd sprint with maximum intensity. Recover for 2 minutes by slowing down to an easy jog or a walk.

Reasons To Try Fartlek

1. Improve your running
The mixture of high and low pace will improve your speed. Moreover, the short sprint intervals are very good for strengthening you for 5/10km race pace. The longer and medium-pace stretches will help for 10 miles plus run.

2 Avoid boredom
Some people think running is boring. The boredom will disappear when you practice Fartlek.

3. Good for sports training
The physical demand of every game is different. In this regard, Fartlek’s pacy intervals are the perfect way to train yourself for any kind of game.

4 Fit for all
Anyone can avail the benefits of the fartlek. You only have run to run a bit faster than regular pace during the sprint session.

5  Fast fat burning
Fartlek’s sprints ensure you will be burning more calories. A 25 minutes sprint burn more calorie effectively than your regular running speed.

Unstructured Fartlek Runs To Try

Hill Runner
This is a very simple way for Fartlek’s sprints. To practice this run faster whenever you come across an uphill incline during your session.

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