Why carrying a smartphone to the toilet is not safe

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Why carrying a smartphone to the toilet is not safe

Nowadays it has become a trend to carry our smartphones along with us even while we pee and poop. It seems as if our smartphones are our oxygen cylinder, that we can’t part our ways even for nature’s call. We think we save time, by replying to emails and messages while we spend those 10 minutes on shit pot. But do we realise how unhygienic is this practice? In the race of saving those 10 minutes, you are probably risking your life.

According to the studies done by the experts of the University of Southern California, there are three different types of bacteria found on the toilet seat. There are air pathogens like E.coli, norovirus, salmonella, Shigella, Streptococcus, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus, C.difficile that lead to many diseases and infections like common cold, eye infection, respiratory infections and much more.

Why carrying a smartphone to the toilet is not safe

Besides this, the National Centre for Cell Science also cross examined the same and proved that the study is right. According to them the screen of mobile phones is a storehouse of bacterial and fungal infections.
Thus, self-hygiene is most important because a touch of infected hands or mobile phones could invite many chronic diseases.

Why carrying a smartphone to the toilet is not safe?

Why carrying a smartphone to the toilet is not safe

We all are well aware of the germs and bacterial infection found in the bathrooms/toilets. No matter how clean they look from outside, you can’t imagine it’s a hub of trillions of germs. Talking about public toilets, one cannot even imagine, a number of infections it stores. However, every day thousands of people use that same toilet and leave their germs inside. And you too walk in the same, you bring back those germs with you.

Even carrying your phone to bathrooms are risky. It is an invitation to many diseases, as the bacteria enters your mouth through the dirty hands. Make a note that common cold, allergies, jaundice, viral fever are some of the results of using unhygienic toilets. We all might wash our hands, but none of us cares to sanitise our phone that went inside the toilet with us.

What are the preventions one could take?

Why carrying a smartphone to the toilet is not safe

  • First of all, do not take your mobile phone inside the toilet. Sparing those 10 minutes without a cell phone will not cost anything.
  • Always wash your hands after using toilets.
  • Do not touch your phones without sanitising your hands.
  • If by chance you carry your smartphone inside, always try to disinfect it by cleaning it with sanitizer.
  • Keep your bathroom clean and often spray germ-free fresheners.

Besides the above health issues, your phone is also at risk. A bit distraction or mishandling and your phone will be floating in a shit pot. Well, none of us wants to encounter such terrible incident. So, think about it! Is it too difficult to walk in a bathroom without a cell phone? Well, it’s not!

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