Why buffalo milk is a better choice for muscle building

why buffalo milk better choice for muscle building

The cow’s milk and buffalo’s milk both are very high in nutritious. The cow’s and buffalo’s milk have their own specialities. There is confusion among people which is better for health. There a lot of opinion about both the milk as some believed that buffalo’s milk is beneficial for making muscles while other believe cow’s milk promotes muscle growth. Moreover, it is also believed that cow’s milk is easily digested while buffalo’s milk is hard to digest. (Also read: Effective workouts that are quite trendy and can increase your fitness)

Let’s know which milk is better for building muscles cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk.

Difference between cow’s milk and Buffalo’s milk.

  • Cow’s milk contains around 4% fat and Buffalo’s milk contains 6% fat.
  • Cow’s milk contains around 3% Protein and Buffalo’s milk contains 4% Protein.
  • Buffalo’s milk contains a higher amount of calcium than Cow’s milk.

Muscle Building and Milk
why buffalo milk better choice for muscle building
Both types of milk have numerous nutritious value. Buy if want to choose a milk as a part diet plan to meet the daily protein requirement then choose buffalo’s milk over cow’s milk. The buffalo’s milk has more protein content than cow’s milk. Apart from this, if you want to lose weight cow’s milk beneficial and even you can consume low-fat buffalo’s milk as part of a diet. The cow’s milk is easily digested due to which it is the preferred choice of people who have some digestive issues. (Also read: What is the difference between weight loss and fat loss)

Why buffalo’s milk is good for muscle building

  • Buffalo’s milk is much more easily available than cow’s milk
  • Buffalo’s milk scores slightly better in protein content than cow’s milk.
  • Fat in buffalo’s milk contains 34 percent unsaturated fat, which is beneficial for the body. Apart from this, fat is saturated fat, which is present in balanced quantity.
  • Men require saturated fat to produce testosterone
  • Buffalo’s milk is also considered to have better taste


Though it won’t make a big difference which milk you consume. But buffalo’s milk is some better advantages over buffalo’s milk. The buffalo’s milk is easily available,  has better taste, high protein content and more calcium. Apart from this, cow’s milk could be used for toddlers or for people who have digestive problems. (Also read: What are the best cardio workouts for strengthening knees)

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