Which workouts Sushmita Sen practice to keep herself fit

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which workouts sushmita sen practice to keep herself fit

Sushmita Sen, who also won Miss Universe title, is quite serious towards her fitness. Even at the age of 41, she does not skip exercise and yoga, which makes her look healthy and fit even at this age.
Recently, Sushmita Sen has shared a great photo of her abs on her social media page, after which she has been the subject of discussion among the fitness enthusiasts. She uses a nutritious and disciplined diet plan with regular exercise to attain such fitness. Due to which she is active both physically and mentally.

Let’s know which exercises she practice in his fitness routine.

Sushmita Sen managed to build spectacular abs before her 42nd birthday. To get the perfect abs, she practices plank, medicine ball plank, bicycle crunch. This exercise directly influences core muscles and helps in removing excess fat.

Swimming is a cardio exercise, which helps in burning calories by increasing your heart rate. By practising it, many muscles stay active and it improves overall health and well-being.

Headstand is a yoga posture, in which you have to stand on your head for a maximum time by creating physical balance. This yoga posture improves blood flow in the body.

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The back muscles can be strengthened by practising cable pulley exercises. This exercise mainly makes the waist laces masculine and muscle stronger.

Medicine Ball Plank improves the physical posture and balance. To do this, place the medicine ball under the thighs and place both hands right below the shoulders. Try to stay in this state for as long as possible.

Sushmita Sen stretches her lower body during her workout routine, which gives strength to quads, hamstrings and calf muscels. It is very necessary to maintain strength  in the lower part of the body, because this part plays a key role in daily activities like walking and sitting.

With all these exercises, Sushmita Sen also practices biceps concentration. With the help of this exercise, you can strengthen the biceps muscles. To do this, sit on the bench and open the legs more than the shoulders. Now, take a dumbbell in the right hand and hinge the elbow on the right knee. After this, bring the dumbbell towards the right shoulder and do the same process with the left hand.

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