Which strength training mistakes wreck your workout

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Mistakes during strength training.

Strength training improve endurance and strength of the body.

Strength training is considered as one of the best training to lose weight, improve endurance and strength of the body. The strength is beneficial because it focuses on the use of resistance to induce muscular contraction. Despite the strength training is beneficial but some exercises cause muscle soreness, you practice them in the wrong way. Moreover, they also fail to reap most from the strength training. If you perform certain exercises incorrectly, it may use the wrong muscles and lead to instability and injuries. Engaging the right muscles is key to build strength and fitness. So, it is very important to perform all the exercise correctly without making any mistake. (Also read: How to get back in the gym post-injury)

Let’s know which mistake people make while doing strength training:

  • Deadlift during strength training
  • Bent- over row during strength training
  • Bridge exercise during strength training
  • Pushups during strength training
  • Plank during strength training

Deadlift during strength training

Mistakes during strength training.
Deadlift should be performed perfectly during strength training.

Many people bend their back and fall their shoulder forward when they practice deadlifts during strength training. This will cause troubles to reap the best result from strength training. For better result never fall shoulder forward and keep back straight.

Bent- over row during strength training
Practising bent-over row during strength training, people tend to look up which puts stress on your lower back. Looking up during this exercise is wrong which does not allow you to reap best results. To reap the best result from the strength training, always keep your head neutral in line with straight back.

Bridge exercise during strength training

Mistake should be avoided during strength training
Always engage glute muscle and squeeze your butt while doing bridge exercise during strength training.

While practising this exercise during strength training people do not engage their glute muscle. They do not engage glute muscles because they have flexible back, which is wrong. For better results always engage glute muscle and squeeze your butt. If you practice bridge exercise you can avail more benefits, to know more click here.

Pushups  during strength training
Pushups are one of the basic exercises during strength training. To reap best results from push-ups, never hang your head forward and keep the spine neutral. Moreover, also keep your abs tight.

People lift their butt high in the air while practising planks during strength training. This is wrong and you will not able to reap best results from the exercise. For best results always keep your spine neutral and your abs tight to stay stiff.  (Also read: Top reasons why you skip workout)

These are the few common mistakes that people do while doing exercises. Avoid these mistakes and reap the best results. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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