Yoga and Walking: Which one is better – Doing Yoga or Going for a Walk

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Doing Yoga or Going for a Walk which is better

Yoga and Walking both have health benefits, one must choose the best.

Yoga and Walking: Benefits of yoga and walking are known to almost everyone. However, when it comes to choose one, between the two, people often get confused. Yoga and walking both are great for the body. But we have to choose something which is the best. While yoga aims at focussing on the mind and body, walking just tones your body. Hence, if we measure, yoga ways heavier in terms of its benefits. Yoga is highly practised all around the world by making the amendments according to the need of the body. After the discovery of Power Yoga, people are losing interest in the gym and are taking up yoga sessions to bring peace to the mind and the body altogether. Hence, one must know the benefits of yoga and walking before opting for any particular one. (Also read: Yoga for weight loss: Which yoga poses help to lose weight)

Yoga or Walking- Which one is the best to stay fit and healthy?

  • Regulates Mood
  • Dealing With Stress
  • Beauty Benefits
  • Physical Strength
  • Sugar Level

Regulates Mood
Yoga is the mood elevator and helps to regulate the mood. When the serotonin level of the brain(happy hormone) drops, we often become depressed or anxious. Yoga helps to calm the mind and the brain cells. It helps to increase the level of GABA, which helps to produce happy hormones. Walking too helps to elevate the mood, but not as efficiently as the Yoga does. (Also read: What are the Yoga poses to relieve headache)

Dealing with stress

Yoga and walking has immense health benefits
Yoga helps to get rid of stress and stay happy as well as healthy.

Both yoga and walking help to manage the stress of the body. As they help to manage the stress and regulate the mood, one must try to daily practice them. Yoga helps to relax the mind and improves the concentration level. It boosts the health of the muscles. tissues and cells of the brain. Walking on the other hand only brings freshness to the mind. (Also read: Best yoga poses to get rid of the problem of insomnia)

Beauty Benefits
Yoga not just helps to tone the body but brings a natural glow to the skin too. It helps to initiate the healthy blood flow and helps to boost the supply of oxygen to the skin. Eventually, you shine brighter than usual. Daily practising of yoga helps to boost the collagen of the skin and enriches the oxygen to the cells and the tissues. Walking, on the other hand, does not add much to the beauty of the face. (Also read: Effective yoga poses to get the glowing and beautiful skin)

Physical Strength

Doing Yoga or Going for a Walk
Yoga helps to improve the physical strength of the body more than the walking.

Yoga helps to tone the muscles and bones of the entire body. Walking daily also helps to tone the entire body. Yoga boosts the physical health and brings flexibility to the body. Walking focuses more on the lower body of the person. Thus, yoga helps better in improving the overall body posture. (Also read: Boost stamina: Natural and effective ways to boost the body stamina)

Sugar Level
Yoga has some special asana or poses to regulate the level of sugar in the blood. It helps to prevent the risk of diabetes in the body. Yoga helps to release the insulin naturally in the body. It thus regulates the level of sugar without doing any additional effort. Though walking also helps to regulate the blood sugar level, yoga is more effective.

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These are some of the benefits of yoga and walking. Yoga is any day better than the walking. You can also read the article in Hindi.

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