Which foods one should consume to stay fit

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foods consume stay fit

People of all age group want to be fit because no one wants to have any kind of health problems. If you are not fit or do not consume nutritious food items then you may face health problems. Many people try to stay fit by practising exercise, consuming healthy food items or by doing Yoga. But there are also many people who consume junk foods, which are harmful to health. So in such a way you should eat a healthy diet to stay fit. (Also read: How to Make Muscular Neck, Forearms and Calf)

Let’s know the best food which can be beneficial for you to stay fit.

Whole grain cereals

You should eat enough carbohydrate about an hour before workout. It is beneficial to consume the whole grain cereals with skimmed milk. It takes time to digest saturated fat, and it also affects the level of oxygen present in your body which transports your blood to the muscles.

Consume banana

Make sure to eat bananas or apples 5-10 minutes before starting the workout because they contain high amounts of carbohydrate. Carbohydrate easy to digest and provides energy to your body. (Also read: Five amazing tips to build to bigger biceps)


The milk contains protein and calcium in high quantity. Consuming a glass of hot milk before sleeping helps you keep relaxed. It helps to boost hormone serotonin and melatonin. Moreover, it also keeps you fit.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits like cashews or apricots have natural sugars in which carbohydrate is high in quantity and it acts as an energy booster. Apart from this, there is fibre, potassium, minerals and vitamins that help the body to stay fit and healthy.

Sweet potato

The sweet potato contains beta-carotene, iron, fibre and vitamin C, which helps the body to fight bacteria, fungus and germs. It also provides relief from muscles soreness. (Also read: Mistakes which prevent the growth of triceps)

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