Which flat belly exercises are a waste of time

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which flat belly exercises are waste of time

Everyone desires for flat belly as it enhances the overall look and makes you appear fit. Getting flat belly is one of the hardest tasks. Shedding excessive belly fats also make you feel lighter and keeps many stomach as well health related problems at bay. In this regard, people believe that abs exercises help them to get flat and toned belly quickly. However, strengthening core muscles that make up your six-pack but won’t actually lead to a flatter tummy. There some abs exercises which are a total waste of time to get a flatter tummy. (Also read: Which things you need to know before your first indoor cycling class)

Let’s know which exercises are totally waste of time for flat tummy:


Planks are a good exercise for strengthening abdominal muscles. It is one of best exercises because it works the entire core including front, side, and back muscles. It is not bad exercise but a majority of people do it all wrong. They do not contract their abs so that the belly is actually pushed outward. If you want to avail the benefits of plank for flatter tummy then draw your abdominal muscles inward and upward.


Crunches are the very popular exercise for abdominal muscles but it is not beneficial if your target is flat tummy. The crunches help to add more definition in that six-pack but not helps in getting a flat belly. If you already have a flat belly, crunches can give you more definition.  (Also read: Which things you should do before going to the gym)

Reverse crunch

Reverse crunches are very effective to target stubborn fats below the navel but it does not help you to get a flat tummy. You have to lift feet in the air while practising reverse crunches, which push abs muscles outward. This will not work if you want a flat tummy.

Side Bends

This exercise strengthens your internal and external obliques but not help you to get a flat stomach. It only works on the side muscles of your torso.

Side Twists

Side twists are the complete waste of time if you want a flat tummy. This exercise does not serve any help to get the flat stomach. All they do is twist your spine, which does not help you to get the flat tummy. (Also read: How to avoid muscle mass loss after leaving the gym)

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