Which exercises you can do in your bed to get a flat tummy

Which exercises you can do in your bed to get a flat tummy

Everyone desire to have a flat tummy. For the flat tummy, people work hard, spend a lot of time in the gym and follow diet plans but still, they did not get a flat tummy. Actually, the fats which get accumulated around belly are not easily eliminated. The best way to get the flat tummy is that you should practice effective exercise and never skip the workout. Unfortunately, due to a busy life, people skip the exercise and fail to attain desirable results. If you want the flat tummy and you don’t have time then there are five-minute exercises which you must practice on your bed or exercise mat. These exercises will give you better results in a short period of time. (Also read: What are the benefits of spinning exercise)

Let’s know exercises, which you can practice on the bed for flat stomach:

Full body crunch

Lie on the bed while your legs are straight and arms are placed behind your head. After this lift your feet up and tuck your knees toward your chest. Crunch both your lower and upper body together and touch your ankle. Repeat this exercise for 50 seconds.


To practice crisscross, lie on the back with your legs straight. After this bring one ankle over the other. Switch in a criss-cross motion. Continue this motion for 50 seconds. (Also read: Five minutes exercise to tone your body)

Wide leg cross sit-ups

To practice this exercise, lie on the bed while your legs spread and straight in front of you. After this, practice crunch and reach your hands as far as towards one leg and repeat same with another side.

Leg Raises

To practice this exercise, lie on your back while keeping legs straight together. After this, lift your legs until your butt comes off the bed. Slowly lower your legs down.

Single leg pulses

To practice this exercise, sit on the bed while folding a left knee and straightening the right leg. After this. do smooth pluses with right leg while lifting it up. Engage hip flexor and lower ab muscles. After this, repeat exercise with other leg. (Also read: Three-day workout plan for shredded abs)

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