Which drinks one must avoid after the workout

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which drinks you should avoid after workout

The human body burns a lot of calories and shed extra weight while working out. Despite the workout is necessary to stay fit and strong, it eventually drains out energy from the body. It is very important to regain these nutrients at the earliest after a workout for the proper functioning of the body. Apart from the nutrients, the body also loses water due to sweating. Post workout it is necessary to hydrate your body by drinking sufficient amount of water. Some people consume drinks after a workout to retain nutrients and energy. However, these drinks provide nothing to your body but only sugar. Even these drink provide quick energy boost but they are not beneficial in the long term. So, if you are consuming drinks after workout then you need to think again. (Also read: What are the signs that reveal you are not eating proper food before workout)

Which drinks one must avoid after the workout?

Packed fruit juice
The consumption of packed fruit juice after a workout is not a healthy choice. The packed fruit juice contains high-fructose corn syrup. The syrup may lead to obesity. Moreover, the packed fruit juice does not contain the vitamins and nutritious fibre.

Sports Drinks
Majority of people prefer to drink sports drink post workout. Ironically, the sports drinks are not a healthier option. The sports drinks have the very minimal amount of nutrition value. Moreover, these drinks are loaded with sugar, which is the biggest reason to avoid sports drinks post workout. (Also read: How the consumption of coffee before workout is beneficial for health)

Carbonated Beverages
The consumption of carbonated drinks or fizzy drinks after a workout is not beneficial for health. These drinks provide nothing to your body expect the concentrated amount of sugar.

If you prefer to exercise in the evening then head to bar for drinks then you are committing a big mistake. The consumption of alcohol dehydrates your body. Ironically after a workout, you need to hydrate your body as it loses water content due to sweating. (Also read: Why doing bridges exercise daily is important)

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