Which barbell exercises help to boost metabolism

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which barbell exercises help to boost metabolism

The metabolism plays an important role in the body as it converts the food into energy. The high metabolism is effective to burn extra fat from the body. However, the lower metabolism cause problem like weight gain, chronic fatigue and other serious illness. It is very important to maintain your metabolism for overall well being. People adopt many things to boost the metabolism of consuming healthy, outdoor actives and exercise. One of the best ways to boost metabolism is exercise. There are some specific exercises which help to boost the metabolism. The barbell exercise improves the metabolism effectively. These exercises increase metabolism by engaging the most musculature at once. (Also read: Which workout helps to get ultimate six-pack abs)

Let’s know best barbell exercises to improve metabolism.

Barbell clean to push press

This exercise effectively increases the metabolism of the body as it incorporates the majority of body muscles. This exercise works only if you practice it the proper way. To practice this exercise, stand while keeping feet shoulder-width apart. Then grip the bar with your fingertips while pointing elbows forward. After this rest bar in the front of your shoulder. Following, drop into a shallow squat. Apply force from heels and drive bar directly your head until your arms are straight. Then lower the bar down to your chest.

Barbell Thruster

This exercise also uses muscles as much as barbell clean push press. To practice this exercise, grab a barbell in a front rack position while your elbows up. Then squat down. After this, explosively drive up, pressing the bar overhead. Lower it back to your shoulders. That’s one rep. (Also read: How to keep yourself fit at home)

Barbell clean or high pull

This exercise boosts the metabolism. To practice this exercise, place a weighted barbell on the floor and stand next to the barbell. After this squat down and grab the bar wider than shoulder-width apart. After this come up, continue the motion and raise barbell at neck height. Let barbell drop back down to the ground.

Deficit Deadlift

This exercise effectively burns the fats and improves metabolism. To practice this exercise, bend over at the knees and back. Then grab the barbell. After this, use legs’ force and stand straight up with the barbell. Then lower the barbell back to the floor to complete one rep.

Barbell hang clean to push press combo

This exercise is great for the upper body to contribute to calorie burning. To practice this exercise, hold the barbell in front of you. Use the force of legs and hips to raise barbell up to your shoulder. Then, use legs and arms to push the barbell overhead. (Also read: Which plank variation helps to get solid abs and core)

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