When Is The Best Time To Exercise

When Is The Best Time for Exercise

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There is no best time to do exercise until you decide to do it with your full dedication. The best time of a day to exercise is the time that works well for you. Previously doctors and trainers used to suggest to do workouts in the morning and later in the day. But unfortunately, with the flow of time and the increasing speed of life, we hardly maintain the exercise timing and dedication. Choose a time which helps you make exercise a regular habit and consistent part of your daily routine. Let us have a look how does it happen:

It is all about our internal clock
Have you ever thought that why some of us are a morning person and some of us are a night owl? This is basically the reason of our internal clock which has a rhythmic circadian. Circadian rhythms are the daily cycle of sleep and wake cycles. This regulates our physical, mental and behavioural changes within us. If there are any environmental changes, the circadian rhythms will be affected. These changes include brightness and darkness, temperature up-down, artificial light, alarm clock to wake-up, the timing of the meals, and the particular time in a day when you exercise. Hence, our body clock becomes a guide.

When you are an Insomniac:
Snoozing your alarm clock, again and again, is not a good idea for work out. But if you are an insomniac, and obviously could not sleep at night then there is no point of jumping up from bed on the exact time of regular exercise. What you have to do is to simply beat insomnia and this can be only done by adapting regular bedtime habits. This might take some time. But once it’s done, your regular exercise habit will be built.

Later Is Better:
Sometimes, having good intentions to get up early and exercise hard do not satisfy us. After doing morning workouts we too want to do the exercise after work. If this happens, it is always better to get the body into a rhythm because no one has to fight with the body the way we do in the morning.

Own Best Time:
You do not have to follow the traditional time for doing exercises. Whenever you feel you can go for workouts. As I have already mentioned, it is all about your internal body clock. Start your workout regime from the morning, keep doing it for one week. After that do that on the noon or evening if you feel so. What is more important is to find the time which makes you exercise regularly. It can be morning, noon or evening. It should depend on you regular instinct.

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