Six things you should avoid for stronger bones

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What things you should not to do for stronger bones

Bones provide a structure to the body. They have an important role to play in maintaining a healthy body. Therefore, it is important to keep your bones strong and healthy. Weak bones completely destroy the posture of the body and they are more prone to damage as well. When it comes to strong bones, it is important to understand that there are many things that we do, that lead to weak bones. For strong bones, it is important to avoid few things. Strong bones help to keep the body moving and working for a long time. Strong bones are dependent on your daily habits. Therefore, there are many things that you should completely avoid. (Also read: Five ways to measure your health)

Too much salt intake
Too much salt is not only harmful to your Blood Pressure but also for your bone. The excessive amount of salt decreases the amount of calcium in the body. Lack of calcium can be very harmful to your body. Junk food and unhealthy snacks contain a large amount of salt. For healthier bones, stay away from these food items.

Sleeping in the wrong posture
Posture is very important to maintain strong bones. If you sleep on an uneven surface then it usually leads weak bone structure. In long run, it can cause serious pain and problems. (Also read: Four exercises to improve neck posture)

Too much driving or bike riding
If you ride your biking or drive your car continuously for a long time then it might cause serious damage to your bones. This makes your bone weak and brittle. This habit can also cause a backache.

Excessive intake of soda
Cold drinks and soda based drinks contain caffeine and phosphorous which is very harmful to the bones. So, it is better to completely stay away from these drinks.

Being malnourished
People who are malnourished often miss out on many important nutrients. In many cases that nutrient is calcium. Deficiency of calcium leads to weaker bones. To avoid this it is very important to consume a balanced diet.

Smoking leads to weaker bones. The more you smoke, the more harm you will do to your bones. Therefore, it is always better to live a life without smoking. (Also read: Everyday Healthy Habits That Are Actually Bad For You)

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