What mistakes you should never commit while practicing bench press

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What mistakes you should never commit while practicing bench press

The bench press is the key exercise to strengthen the upper part of the body. The right formation of biceps, trips, strong chest, strong hands and waist are also necessary to practice this exercise. Many people commit mistakes while practising bench press, which can lead to serious injuries. If you can not do this exercise properly then you may have to face many troubles and you will not be able to yield desired results. All fitness freak spend so much time in doing this exercise so that they can prevent injuries. (Also read: Four superset workout for muscular chest)


Let’s know about those mistakes that people often do during the bench press exercise.

Putting the elbow up

When you put your elbow up while pressing the bench, it leads to strain on your elbows and shoulders. Doing so increases the distance between the barbel and you and tension on your pack. To reduce this distance, keep the elbows in sync with you, which reduces the stretch.

Raising the bar

Once the weight starts bouncing, the lifts make it down immediately. Which may cause injuries. If this happens with you every time, then your chest will not be able to strengthen it. To do this correctly, reduce the weight of the barbel so that you can keep it. (Also read: 4 Shoulder Exercises To Make Deltoid Muscles Strong)

Holding Barbell Wrong

Holding Barbell right in the bench press is most necessary. This is the only thing that can either strengthen your chest or make it worse. This can even break your wrist. Remember, while catching a barbell, it should not be more than your palm. Because this will increase your wrist further and the chances of injury will increase. To hold it properly, hold the palms well and keep the wrists slightly folded.

Do not move the shoulder blade together

If you think that when you press the bench then you have to lift the weight then you are wrong. For this, the shoulder blades should rotate together so that your chest can be in sync and the shoulder can work. But people do not rotate shoulder blades together due to which the shoulders have no effect on the workout. It also increases the distance of the bar, which makes it difficult to press the bench. (Also read: Build muscular chest with half an hour exercise)

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