What is the shoulder workout routine of Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne Johnson is one of the fittest American actors. He is famously known as ‘The Rock’ and for its physique. Moreover, he is also a semi-retired professional wrestler. He is considered as an idol of fitness and inspires many youngsters to stay fit. He not only inspires youngsters but also the other actors of the industry. The level of his fitness raises curiosity among people to know about his fitness routine. Everyone wants a body like him and want to workout hard to achieve the same. If you know the secret of his fitness then you may able to achieve the body like him. His shoulder strength is visible to everyone and following his shoulder workout may help you to get strong shoulder like him. (Also read: Which exercises help to get bigger biceps)

Let’s know the shoulder workout of Dwayne Johnson:

Dumbbell lateral raise

The dumbbell lateral raise is effective exercise to strengthen the shoulder and stretches the sides of deltoid muscles. To practice this exercise, grab dumbbells while standing-width apart. Keep the palm facing inwards and let them hang at your sides. After this, raise your arms to shoulder level. Then take a small pause and lower the weight.

One-arm cable lateral raise

This exercise is beneficial for deltoids. Moreover, it also increases stability in both wrists and the core. To practice this exercise, stand next to a cable pulley machine while adjusting the handle to the lowest setting. Then grab the machine with the right for better support and balance. Hold the handle with left hand come across your body out until to shoulder height. After this lower the handle back to starting position. (Also read: What is calisthenic workout and its benefits)

Bent-over later raise

The bent-over later raise targets the rear deltoid head and develops strength and density in the shoulder. To practice this exercise, hang down while grabbing a set of dumbbells and keep palms facing towards each other. Maintaining a slight bend in the elbows, raise your arms out until they are parallel to the ground. Take a small pause and return to start position.

Hammer strength shoulder press

To practice this exercise, sit down on the bend and grab a bar with a comfortable weight. After this push the bar up above your head. And then lower down the bar with control. (Also read: How to start exercising when you are overweight)

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