What is the fitness mantra of John Abraham

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What is the fitness mantra of John Abraham

John Abraham is one of the fittest actors in the Bollywood. He has inspired many budding actors and youth on fitness. His six packs drool you to the extreme level. The image of John Abraham pops in everyone’s  mind when they think about their physique. His fitness and looks attract every individual, whether a male or a female.

The majority of people always thought that how this Bollywood actor maintain his fitness and flexibility. But John’s commitment to fitness and healthy diet subsequently makes him the role model. If you want to build a body like him, then more than just exercising, you should need to follow his proper healthy diet and fitness routine.

Here is a video, John shares top secrets of his muscles and dashing looks.

1) First John Abraham shares information about the equipment in his gym. He has a treadmill, pilates, stair-master, dumble and stock of kettlebell. He also informed that the leg press, hamstring and lat pull down machines are very important in the gym.

2) John said that he is pretty much an agnostic and his only religion is his body. He added that there is nothing more important than health and workout. He added his aim is to live and die with a six-pack.

3) John added that it is very important to know the strength of your body. The Bollywood actor added that exercise according to the strength of your body. He also advised that it is very important to lift wait accordingly to the strength of the body.

4) He said that every part of the body is very important. In this regard, he said we should work out on every body part of the body. He informed that your body would not be strengthened if you ignore any body part.

5) He also asked the youth to stay away from any kind of drugs. He added that drugs are the worst thing to happen to any society. John also said that the drugs destroy health and ruin lives. Please, be responsible, he appealed.

6) Giving details about his weight, John said his weight in at about 86 kilos – depending on what his current role demands from him. He also added that If you are serious about building your body, it involves science, not just plain effort. He advised before you start working out, get a dietician to identify your body type. Following which your trainer will be able to tailor your diet and routine.

7) John Diet is considered as the icon of fitness, he says that the better you take your diet, the better you will get results. He also advised that we should never skip doing exercise.

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