What is the correct time to eat these everyday food items

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What is the correct time to eat these everyday food items

Time is a crucial factor to lose weight. However, what people tend to forget that exercise should be practised at an ideal time. Even with food intake, it is important that you know what is the right time to eat some food item. Every day we consume all kinds of food. However, due to our lack of awareness we consume them at the wrong time, that is why instead of losing weight we end up gaining it. When everything has a fixed time, why not sign time to consumption of food items for better fitness and health.

The banana provides a quick dose of energy. It contains vitamins and minerals that keep your body pumped up. The potassium in it makes it a superfood. And the ideal time to consume it is in the morning or as an evening snack option.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. We all have heard this phrase, it is because apple is a rich source of iron. Generally, you should avoid consuming it with milk. If you like consuming milk in the morning, the avoid the intake of apple. You can have an apple in afternoon or after dinner.

Potatoes are a rich source of carbohydrate. It enhances our energy levels. This right time to consume it is morning as an option for breakfast or afternoon. Avoid eating it at night as it harms your sleep routine.

Oranges are the rich source of vitamin C. You can consume orange at any time of the day. However, people who have acidity should avoid consuming oranges in the early morning. As this might lead to heartburn and acidity.

Rice contains carbohydrates, calcium, iron among other nutrients. You can have rice in the afternoon, but it is not healthy to consume rice in the night time. As it leads to weight gain.

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