What is inversion table therapy and its benefits

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what is inversion table therapy and its benefits

Inversion table therapy is not something new and it involves defying gravity. This therapy helps the people who suffered from chronic back pain. In this therapy, your head is under your heart. In this method, you do not have to sit down completely. There is a downward stretch in your body, due to which you get relief from pain. Inversion therapy involves inversion table, inversion chair and some yoga postures such as head stand and shoulder stand. In addition, inversion therapy provides relief from mental and physical problems as well as improves your physical fitness. (Also read: Which barbell exercises help to boost metabolism)

Let’s know the health benefits of inversion table therapy.

For pain
Due to gravity, the downward pull helps to reduce the pain in the spinal cord. It usually helps to reduce the pressure on the disc and nerves.

Improve blood circulation
To stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid throughout the body, the position of the upside-down posture is encouraged to stimulate the lymphatic system. It ensures proper blood flow and transports oxygen and nutrients to all vital organs of the body. It also helps to destroy the toxins from the body. (Also read: Which plank variation helps to get solid abs and core)

Better balance of body
Those who have an infection in the inner ear, their body balance is not correct. Inversion therapy helps in stimulating inner ear so that the body gets better balance. In addition, this kind of stimulus helps in creating spatial orientation.

For joint pain
Inversion table therapy cause stretch in muscle, which reduces the pain of joint. It helps in correcting ligaments, joint and muscle damage. Apart from this, this therapy also reduces stress in joints and muscles and provides pain relief. (Also read: How to add lean mass and eliminate body fats at the same time with the 8*8 method)

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