What is Feldenkrais method and how it can help to reduce chronic pain

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feldenzie method helps chronic pain

Chronic pain means the pain that has troubled you for a long time. The person feels discomfort while performing daily activities due to chronic pain. The pain also negatively affect mental health. Feldenkrais Method proves to be very effective in relieving this pain, in which you are taught Feldenkrais method how to do daily work without damaging muscles.

Let us know in detail about the role of Feldenkrais method in relieving chronic pain:

What is the Feldenkrais Method: The discovery of the Feldenkrais Method was done by Israeli physicist Moses Feldenridge after he suffers from chronic pain and he also felt uncomfortable walking due to his knee injury.

By using knowledge related to their gravity and speed, they have discovered such exercises and methods, by which you can replace all the damaged muscles with the help of other muscles with all the daily activities facilitated and without pain.

This method of Feldenkrais Method teaches you with the help of some exercises, which are done slowly and comfortably. Actually, to carry on any activity, our brain sends a message to work related to them, so that balance between the brain and the body is established in the Feldenkrais Method, in which your stressed muscles need to be at least active.

How Feldenkrais Method relieves chronic pain:

The first reason for the longterm pain is found in the Feldenkrais method so that it can be done to eliminate pain by providing some relief. Because the reason for the pain is most of our bad habits, like staying in the wrong poster or standing the knees in the body while standing or bending the shoulders and waist. These habits are eliminated by establishing a relationship between the brain and the body in the Feldenkrais method.

Some Exercises for Feldenkrais Method:

However, the Feldenkrais Method class is given in many fitness centres, which include many exercises. But there are some main exercises in this, which helps to relieve the pain of waist, neck and hips.

Pelvic Tilt

Pelvic tilt exercise removes pain by strengthening your pelvic muscles, hips and lower waist muscles. To do this, lie down on the floor and keep both hands near the hips. Now raise the hips as comfortably as you can and stay in the same position for some time.


This exercise works to remove fat from both sides of your waist and spinal cord. To do this exercise, open the legs as much as the waist. Then place the right hand behind the head and tilt the waist towards the left. Then repeat this process with the other hand.

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