What happens to your body when you lift the same amount of weight daily

what happens to your body when you always lift the same weight

Weightlifting is very important thing to build muscles and improve the fitness level of the body. There are many benefits of weightlifting which include reducing the body fat. Weight training builds muscle, helps the lean muscle to increase, reduces the risk of injury, burns more calories. Moreover, the weight lifting improves the posture and reduces back pain. These benefits you can avail only if you bring variations in the weightlifting and practice new exercises. The variations like changing the number of repetitions and changing in weights will have different effects on your muscle. However, some people practice with the same weight which may have some negative impact on your body. (Also read: How To Get Six Pack Abs Without Pain)

Let’s know what will happen to your body if you lift same weight

Same Weight = No Challenge

When you start to exercise and start lifting the weight you will feel that you are pushing your limits with each rep. After a good-weight lifting session, you may feel soreness and you may notice the results. In this regard, most people think that the why would they change when work routine is working, but this also means less competition. (Also read: What is Post-Workout Soreness and How to Deal With It)

This is wrong. The body changes itself as it adjusted to any particular workout routine. After some time your muscle growth becomes stagnant and those weights will not challenge your muscles anymore. And the same workout routine does not end up hitting a plateau. In this regard, it is important to change your weight. You will see better gains if you challenge your body.

When It’s Time to Increase Weight

If you find that you are feeling comfortable to complete two additional reps than normal over the course of two lifting sessions, then this is a sign that it’s time to add more weight. It is better to add 5 percent increment in the weight. Moreover, it is very important to provide rest to your muscles. The muscles will recover during the rest. And if you don’t provide any rest to your muscles the growth will become stagnant. (Also read: What are the Amazing Benefits of Circuit Training)

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