What happen to your body when you don’t exercise

what happen to your body when you dont exercise

It is well-known fact that the exercise is very important to stay and fit health. The exercise strengthens the body in many ways and keeps many diseases at bay. Moreover, the exercise also boosts the immune system as well. The fitness freak exercises twice in a day to achieve fitness goals. Wheather you want to lose weight, gain weight or want to stay fit the exercise plays an important role. Unfortunately, there are few people who are not serious about the health and avoid exercise. The ignoring exercise has the worst effect on the body. (Also read: How can your prepare yourself for the evening workout)

Let’s know what happened to our body when you do not exercise.

Poor Metabolism

The lesser activities slow down the metabolism. The metabolism plays an important role to keeps you alive and functioning. If there are low physical activities, the body adjusts itself to a very low BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). The lower the BMR, increase the risk of gaining fat and other health problem which can be easily avoided by exercise.

Poor Body Composition

The body looks attractive when you have lean mass and less fat. The lack of exercise cause muscle atrophy and increase in fat mass. (Also read: Build strong core and lower body with the help of reverse plank)

Sluggish brain response

The regular exercise improves the functioning of the central nervous system. The regular practice escalates the oxygenated blood flow and strengthens the nerve signalling of cells in the body. The exercise keeps the mind and body active throughout the day.

Weaker muscles and bones

Ignorance of exercise leads to muscle atrophy and reduce the amount of muscle mass. Moreover, it also deregulates the capability of bones to absorb calcium, which makes bones weaker with the passage of time. (Also read: What are the advantage and disadvantage of BCAA supplement)

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