What exercises one should practice initially for the strength of quads

exercises practice beginning strength quads

Bodybuilding attracts men, due to which many young people start practising it every day. But there is a bit of confusion about what exercises to be done. Initially, bodybuilders give very little attention to the quads muscles, which do not build the effective strength. There are special exercises for strengthening the quads, which must be practised by those who have just started going to the gym. These exercises are very effective for your quad muscles.

Let’s know which exercises should initially practice strengthening quad muscles:

Goblet Squat

Goblet exercise exerts pressure on quad muscles instead of the waist, which is not done by barbel squat. For this reason, exercising goblet squat is easier and effective. To do this exercise, hold the kettlebell on both sides of the chest with both hands. While squatting, you have to bring the hips down completely. Practice set 2 of the 10 reps of this exercise.

Quadruped Rocking

This exercise is free weight exercise. It is a mixture of Kau and Child yoga pose. It is very easy to do and it effectively helps to develop the strength of quads. To do this, sit on the knees and hang two palms on the ground on the right side of the shoulders. Now move the hips as much as possible to the back. This also strengthens glute muscles. Practice 2 sets of the 10 reps of this exercise.

Split Squat

Split Squat also strengthens the functionality along with increasing strength of quad muscles. To do this, keep the hands straight by holding a dumbbell in both hands. Now take a leg out and come into the position of a lunge. Bring the knees of the last leg downwards, but do not touch the ground. Now start back in the starting position and repeat the process by bringing the other leg forward. Practice 2 sets of 10 reps of this exercise.

Bulgarian split squat

This exercise creates a more effective squat and put a lot of pressure on the quad muscle. To do this, make the legs wide by the waist and keep one foot on the bench. Now try to bring down the last knee as far as possible. Now lift the body upwards with the power of the forward leg. Do this procedure with another leg. Practice 2 sets of 10 reps for a better result.

Quads Foam Roller

With the help of foam roller, you can also strengthen the quad muscles. Come to Plank’s position for this and keep the foam roller under the quads muscle and now roll the quads up and down. Do this exercise for 2 times for 20 seconds.

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