What Does Sunny Leone Eat In An Entire Day

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What Does Sunny Leone Eat In An Entire Day

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Have you ever wondered how Karenjit Kaur Vohra or our favourite Sunny Leone manages to maintain her sizzling appearance and an awesome figure? This beautiful actress shared her everyday diet plan which is something you would swear by. From morning regime to lunch and dinner, Sunny is giving us major fitness goals.

Watch this and get astonished by her diet plan. Stay healthy and fit as Sunny.

A morning ritual she follows:
Sunny is an early riser. Her mornings start with having breakfast and then intense workouts. Her every morning is dedicated to Juice and Raw food diet. She wakes up and drinks a glass of coconut water or a glass of mineral water with a whole lemon. Drinking Coffee is like an addiction, so leaving it seems a bit difficult for her. Surfing the internet and sticking to social media with a cup of morning coffee is her favourite time pass in the morning especially. This morning regime makes her feel amazing.

Her Breakfast regime:
Her preference in breakfast is oat mills, especially which comes in a packet of Cinnamon brown or Apple cinnamon. It comes in single packets which help her measuring if she hasn’t eaten overly.

Her workout regime:
Sunny loves working out right after having her breakfast as she feels most energetic and enthusiastic. Although, doing works outs immediately having breakfast is not good but she likes it that way only. Missing workouts is not her choice. She does it almost every single day until and unless she is occupied for shooting and staff. Yoga is the ultimate option for her. After that, 30 minutes biking is necessary to burn the fat. Even if she travels she follows fitness apps on her phone so that her workout and diet plan would not break down.

Her Lunch And Dinner:
Her lunch and dinner are almost same, as she prefers having a glass of fresh fruit juice and raw vegetables with a sprinkle of salt and black pepper over it. But sometimes her instincts require plain patties or beans chilly which are her favourite recipes.

How about a Cheat day:
Gorgeous Sunny has no preferable day to call as Cheat Day. If she Wants to have a Pizza she would have it right away, no matter if it is Sunday or Monday. Even she craves for Rajma Chawal sometimes, No doubt she loves it and if she feels she will have it.

Favourite Snacks:
Pop Corns are her ultimate love. She prefers it without salt and butter so that it remains healthy.

Motivational Mantra:
Nothing specific for her to get motivated but she follows few people who are really fit and strong. Hence, this provides motivation to her and she keeps a positive attitude in spite of having a very tiring day long.

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