What causes sweating while you exercise and why is it important

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What causes sweating while you exercise and why is it important

We all want to lose maximum sweat while we are out for exercise. We often try to take up heavy exercises in order to sweat more and lose more. It is often said, the more we lose sweat, the more we gain in terms of our fitness. However, there are times when we hardly sweat and it forces us to think whether we had a productive workout session or not. Sweating is actually a body’s way to keep itself cool. The heat generated inside our body comes out of the skin through sweat glands. Thus, sweating ensures that there is not much heat inside the body that will disrupt its normal functioning. While it’s too hot outside, we often sweat to lose the inner heat and keep the body cool. (Also read: Why Should You Avoid Exercising In An Air Conditioned Gym Or Room)

What causes sweating while you exercise and why is it important?
While we are exercising, our body and muscles have to do a lot of labour. This makes the body release sweat. The more heavy exercise one does, the more heat is produced in the body. Thus, there is a release of sweat through sweat glands to make the body cool.There are many causes of sweating. While you are angry, anxious, too much active and too much in motion, you tend to sweat. The excessive heat in the body might also be because of some hormonal imbalance and has to come out through sweat glands in order to prevent the risk of organ failure and body dysfunctioning. Thus sweating is necessary. Female have more sweat glands than males but the sweat glands on male body are too active.

If you are exercising in an air-conditioned room then you will not sweat. The temperature of the body keeps on cooling down. The cold air leads to the evaporation of the sweat from the body and you don’t feel cheated. The lack of heat in the body will not lead you to sweat. You are doing ample of workout and lack of sweating does not mean you are not doing an appropriate workout. (Also read: Why buffalo milk is a better choice for muscle building)

Lack of sweat is known as anhidrosis. While you are not hydrated properly before exercise, it is one of the major causes of not sweating. This leads your body to absorb the liquid content inside the body in order to process the other functions. A body needs water to regulate the level of blood pressure and even the heart rate. Thus, in order to ensure normal sweating, you must stay hydrated while you go for workout sessions.

There are other probable causes of lack of sweating. Sometimes, skin diseases block the sweat glands of the body and we fail to sweat while we workout. Other than that, genetic syndrome, congenital disorder are the probable causes of lack of sweat in the body. If you are working out at a cold temperature and not sweating much, it’s okay. Because the sweat from the body evaporates and you will not be able to see your sweat glands producing enough sweat. (Also read: How to gain muscles with amazing dumbbells move)

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