What are the weight lifting tips for women

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what are the weightlifting tips for women

Weightlifting helps you to burn more calories as compared to plain cardio and other exercises. Apart from burning calories, the weightlifting pumps up the body. Interestingly, it offers more benefits than ripped shoulders. The majority of people practice weightlifting to add more mass to the muscles. But when it is compared to cardiovascular exercises, the weightlifting burns more calories. The body escalates calorie burning process if you practice weightlifting in a proper way. However, to reap maximum benefits from weight lifting and avoid injuries, women should follow some important tips. (Also read: What are the strength training tips for women)

Let’s know about weightlifting tips for women:       

Lift at least thrice a week
If you want to reap best results from weight lifting then lift weight thrice in a week. Lifting weight once or twice in a week is better than nothing but it will not provide the desired result. However, do not lift a weight more than thrice in a week because it will not allow your muscles to recover.

Lift the right weight
Choosing right weight is very important as it will provide the results at the earliest. Lift the weight with which you can practice at least 8-10 reps. Once you can lift a particular weight consistently for 12 reps then move on heavier weight.

Work for the large muscle groups
Never ignore large muscle group as working on small muscles will not add significant muscle mass to your body. Exercises like bench press, squat and lat pull, work on the different muscle group. (Also read: What are the benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT))

Don’t do too much cardio
If you want to bulk up then practising too much cardio is not good as it will make you lose muscle mass. Instead of doing cardio for long hours, practice High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for short period of 15- 20 minutes for maximum fat burning.

Workout order is everything
Lifting weight without any plan will not work. It is important to follow right sequence of exercises to max out your benefits. For instance, when doing a full body workout, start from the large to the small muscles. (Also read: Which tips help you to build great abs)

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