What are the tips for strengthening your arms, chest, abs, hips, and shoulders

what are the tips for strengthening your arms chest abs hips and shoulders

Everyone desires for the great physique as it adds charm to the personality of an individual. Often people work hard to achieve the fitness goals. However, some people fail to achieve the fitness goals, there are many reasons behind their failure like they do not execute the exercises properly or many others. Apart from these failures, if you want to get attractive physique it is necessary to have bigger arms, a buffer chest, chiselled abs, toned hips, and broader shoulders. These body parts help to look great and attractive. Interestingly, here are three tips for each muscle to develop above-said body parts. (Also read: What happens to your body when you lift the same amount of weight daily)

Let’s know about the tips to get the attractive body.

  • Arms

what are the tips for strengthening your arms chest abs hips and shoulders
Chinups: To master the chinup is must as it is one of the best arms-building exercises there is, bar none. To build bigger biceps, perform some variation of the chinup at least once per week.

Tuck your elbows: Tuck your elbows while practising bench press, keep a narrow grip. This will allow your triceps to take on more of the load and help them to grow.

Keep constant tension: Start with the bar directly over your forehead when your arms are extended, rather than directly over your chest as most lifters do. Maintain the position as you lower the bar behind your head for your reps. (Also read: How to perform abs exercises in the perfect way)

  • Chest

Be eccentric: The majority of chest exercises target only the concentric contraction of your pecs. But you can achieve greater growth by focusing on the eccentric contraction which can be done by adding power pushup.

Straighten your posture: Strengthen the upper back and make more room for the chest to show when you try the face pull.

Plug in your chest fly: The plugging of two extension cords together is important. This move is same as a regular fly but your palms are turned away from you, rather than facing each other. This exercise activates more pectoral musculature.

  • Abs

what are the tips for strengthening your arms chest abs hips and shoulders
Go heavy and go over: Two of the best ways to build your abs are lifting heavy weights on any exercise which provide an automatic ab workout every time you go after a big lift.

Burn calories: More than any other strategy, this is the one that is most responsible for revealing the tight abdominal by reducing the fats.

Work your abs in reverse: Woodchop is the best exercise to works abs in the reserve Perform three sets of eight reps on both sides, resting 90 seconds between sets.

  • Hips

what are the tips for strengthening your arms chest abs hips and shoulders
Go sumo: The sumo stance puts you in a position to lift the substantially heavier weight, and it optimizes the activation of your glutes.

Build your hams: If you increase the size of your hamstrings, you’ll create better separation between them and the lower portion of your butt. To do it, use an exercise that works both the glutes and the hamstrings maximally, such as the Swiss-ball leg curl.

Run uphill: One of the glutes main functions is to power you forward when you stride, so there’s no more natural way to train them than to run uphill.

  • Shoulders

what are the tips for strengthening your arms chest abs hips and shoulders
Bring up the rear: The rear delt development is missing piece in most of the guys. This is almost always underdeveloped relative to the front and side portions of the muscle. To bring it into balance, try drop set of the reverse cable fly.

Work the whole muscle: Perform a lateral raise as normal. Stop your arm when it is slightly above parallel to the floor. You will also feel the tension on your deltoids the entire time.

Train one at a time: The shoulders like heavyweight exercises. Instead, use one dumbbell for your shoulder presses and hold on to something for support with your free hand. (Also read: How to Strengthen your waist with the help of Bodyweight Exercise)

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