What are the things one should never do on an empty stomach

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What are the things one should never do on an empty stomach

Each one of us has a set routine in the morning. We all do particular things and then gradually that becomes our habit. However, there are certain things which are actually unhealthy for us and we should try to avoid them before they become our habit. Unhealthy activities make us fall ill and addictive to them. It is utmost necessary that we should unfollow those activities as soon as possible. It is surprising to know that things we consider as healthy until now, are actually deteriorating our body and we are not realising this thing. (Also read: Foods You Should Never Have On An Empty Stomach)

Here are the few things that we should avoid doing on empty stomach:

Drinking tea or coffee on empty stomach: Most of us do that religiously daily. Bed tea or coffee is one of the most common habits of people. Some people can’t get freshen up if they don’t consume tea or coffee in the morning. Consumption of coffee on empty stomach leads to acid in mouth and stomach. It causes acidity problem, indigestion and even spoils the enamel of the teeth. Thus, either take a bread toast with it or drink a glass of juice instead of drinking tea or coffee.

Consumption of alcohol on empty stomach: Many heavy drunkards have the bad habit of drinking right from when they wake up. It is one of the most unhealthy practices. Drinking alcohol on empty stomach leads to a severe effect on heart, kidney and even the liver. It even causes a severe hangover if taken empty stomach. (Also read: How can your prepare yourself for the evening workout)

Exercising on empty stomach: Many of us hit the gym or do some physical workout at home early in the morning and that too empty stomach. However, it is one of the bad practice. Our body needs fats and carbohydrates to carry out the activities and do the physical work. Working out on empty stomach make you lazy and even reduces your productivity.

Soda drinks on empty stomach: One should never consume soda or fizzy drinks on empty stomach. These drinks are rich in carbonated acids and lead to acidity and other stomach related problems.

Taking medicines on empty stomach: One should never consume medicines early in the morning on empty stomach. Until your doctor advice to do so, don’t take medicines without eating anything. It may affect your intestinal lining and leads to stomach problem as well. So eat something before you take a medicine. (Also read: Avoid these foods to stay healthy after 30 years of age)

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