What are the things one should consider before consuming protein shake

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how beneficial is consuming protein shake

The consumption of protein shake is very popular among bodybuilders or those who exercise just to keep their body fit. The consumption of protein shake, develop the muscles and helps you to become muscular. It also reduces obesity symptoms. The most serious thing is that many young people start consuming protein shakes instead of nutritious and whole foods, which have many side-effects. Therefore it is very important to consider a few things before taking supplements and protein shakes. (Also read: Effective seated workout to make the whole body muscular)

Let’s know what things should be considered before using a protein shake.

How much protein is needed for the body

50-100 grams of protein is enough for a professional bodybuilder in one day. Whereas protein shake consumption increases the probability of consuming more protein intake. By consuming excessive proteins, the amount of calcium in the body starts decreasing, because calcium is important to break the protein. Because of this, consuming protein shakes can weaken your bones.

Kidney related problems:

Kidneys remove the waste material and toxin from our body. The excessive use of protein shakes negatively affect the process of cleansing. Due to the breakdown of calcium, you may have problems with stones. This lead to put pressure on the kidneys and uric acid develop by the body. (Also read: Kettlebell workout to increase muscle strength and size)

What is better:

To avoid these disadvantages you can make a protein shake at home only, which contains a limited amount of protein and you do not even need to fear about any side-effects. It is more beneficial to take this protein shake after a workout.

How to make it

Mix 200 grams of coconut milk, 1 banana, 1 teaspoon chia seed, half teaspoon cinnamon powder, 1 teaspoon honey and one teaspoon of coconut oil together and blend it. With amino acids, calcium, omega 3 fatty acids and many nutrients, you get plenty of protein, which is useful for making your muscles bigger and stronger. (Also read: Tips to make workout interesting by removing boredom)

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