What are the secrets behind Esha Gupta’s svelte figure

what are secretes behind esha guptas svelte figure

You can’t move your eyes once you start watching Bollywood actress Esha Gupta in a movie or on her any social media account. She has taken many hearts with her figure and acting skills. From past few days, this actress has set social media on fire by flaunting her topless body. Esha, popularly known for her svelte figure. The pictures which she is sharing on her social media account talks about healthy living. She has been considered as one of the fittest and talented actress since her initial days

The actress made her debut in Bollywood industry with film Jannat 2. Now, she is again set to show her skills in her upcoming movie ‘Badshao’. She works hard to achieve the fitness goals and maintain her figure. Apart from the workout, she practices pole dance and kickboxing to stay fit.

Here is a glimpse of Esha Gupta’s fitness secrets.

Running with resistance band

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Esha Gupta practice resistance running which improves her overall athletic performance. The resistance band running also helps to build fast-twitch muscles.

Tyre flip

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Esha also practices tyre flip to stay fit and healthy. The tyre flip strengthens her overall performance. Moreover tyre flip is one of the best total body strength and conditioning workouts. It required efforts from all the muscles of the body to flip a tyre.

Dribbling ball

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She also includes ball dribbling in her cardio workout. The ball dribbling workout is effective to pump the heart rate. The unique way to exercise and have fun at the same time.


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Esha Gupta also practices kickboxing to stay healthy. Moreover, kickboxing is effective way change your workout routine. This exercise also helps to tone upper and lower body muscles. Kickboxing tones your upper and lower when you punch and kick the bag. Moreover, you will feel stronger each time after the exercise.


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She also practices Gymnastics to tone her abs. The gymnast’s exercises improve the strength and stamina of your rectus abdomens, hip flexors, lats, and triceps.

Rope climbing

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She also practices rope climbing to strengthen her upper body. The rope climbing works on the forearm, and upper body.

Pilate exercises

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Esha Gupta is more concerned about Pilate exercises. The Pilates exercises improve her overall fitness. She practices all kind of Pilates to strengthen her core as well as upper body.

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