What are the rules for rest day after workout

what are the rules for rest day after workout

The rest day is very important after the workout as it helps to recover and repair damaged muscle tissues. The fitness enthusiast is very well aware of what to eat pre and post work out. But they always wonder what to eat on a rest day. For better results, you have to plan your according to your workout. On the rest day, it is very important to fuel your body with nutrients. The nutrients will help the body to repair and for muscle growth.

How to make most of your rest day?

You can maximise the growth of your muscles if you are aware of what to eat on the rest day. Some people have cheat meals on the rest day. As some of them keep carns to a minimum on the rest day while others reduce their calorie intake. Plan your rest day diet according to the fitness goals. The diet for bulking up and losing is completely different.

Rules for a rest day to get more from it.

Eat enough calories.

The majority of people reduce calorie intake on the rest day. They believe that they don’t need calories as they are not exercising. The less consumption of calories deters protein synthesis that your body needs to increase strength and muscle mass. For better result ensure that you consume enough calories on a rest day.

Eat right ratio of nutrients

For the intense routine, the ratio can be 2:1. It is necessary to consume carbs on the rest day. On the rest day eat a lot of complex carbs, which you can get from vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Importantly protein is also necessary on the rest day as it provides amino acid which helps the body to repair and grows muscles.

Stay hydrated
what are the rules for rest day after workout
Drinking water and sodium are necessary after a workout for recovery. Drink adequate water on the rest day for next day workout. If you start workout in the dehydrated state it may negatively affect your performance.

Consume antioxidant-rich food

Inflammation builds up inside the body after a heavy lifting workout. The inflammation is bad for joints in the body as well as for recovery phase. The antioxidant is the antidote to inflammation.

Don’t overdo

Consuming the majority of calories from saturated fats will not help your muscles in recovery and also affect the growth of muscles. Avoid pizzas and burgers, consume nutrient-rich foods that will promote recovery.

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