What are the reasons behind thinner biceps

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reasons behind thinner biceps

No one likes thin biceps. That is why most of the people give more attention and time on the biceps in the gym. But despite doing so much exercise, many people have thin biceps. Because it is not necessary that exercise will escalate the muscles growth. For the growth of bigger biceps, we need to practice exercises along with some precautions. (Also read: What are the Exercises to be practiced during initial days of gym)

Let’s know about some such precautions which are necessary to build bigger biceps.

Inadequate Food

Be biceps or any part of the body, if you want to increase its size then you should eat a lot of food. If we do not eat enough food then the essentials like proteins and fibres are not available to our body then muscle growth stops. Which can be taken comfortably from a balanced diet. (Also read: Signs that indicate your core muscles are weak)

Exercise every day

If you exercise daily to create heavy biceps. So you need to change this habit. Because our muscles need comfort to grow and exercising only one part of the day, muscles cannot get that comfort. So do any exercise only once in a week.

Avoiding legs exercise

Yes, if you want to make big biceps, then you should exercise the leg before the biceps. Exercising leg increases the amount of testosterone and growth hormone in the blood, which will give you good results. So, do not forget to legs workout before practising biceps exercise.

Not completing complex exercises

For strong biceps, the surrounding muscles are also important. Equal importance should be given to forearms, shoulders, waist and chest. Therefore, exercise for other parts is also important.

Ignoring triceps

Most people pay attention only to their biceps and forget about triceps. Remember that the size of your biceps is also equally dependent on your triceps. Therefore, it is necessary to give equal time to triceps. (Also read: Effective seated workout to make the whole body muscular)

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