What are the myths about running which you should stop believing immediately

five myths running stop beveling immediately

Running has numerous health benefits. It improves the overall health of the body and prevents many diseases. It effectively helps in the weight loss process. Moreover, it also relieves stress, eliminates depression and boosts the confidence among people. Unfortunately, there are some old beliefs which one should stop believing as soon as possible. (Also read: What are the health benefits of dumbbell exercises)

Here are the myths which you should stop believing:

You have to static stretch before a run
A static stretch is one of the basic stretches which is performed for improving overall flexibility. Despite this stretch improves the flexibility of the body but it is not necessary to practice this stretch before running. Avoid this stretch because it causes a protective response in your neuromuscular system that temporarily weakens your muscles and reduces performance. Instead of this, practice dynamic warmup.

Moderate intensity is the best intensity
Generally, people think that the moderate intensity is best for running. This is not true the moderate is important but it does not provide desired results. The fact is that you reap best results from the running if you practice 20% of their training at high intensity (above 90% of their maximum heart rate) and other at low intensity (60-75% of maximum heart rate). (Also read: How 30 minute workout can make your arms muscular)

You need a cool down lap
The majority of people believe that slow jogging after running is quite beneficial for health. The reality is that this slow jog will not provide any health benefits. The warmup before running helps to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness but cool down do nothing much beside cooling you down.

You need to follow the latest trends in sneaker technology
The shoes play an important role in running. If your shoes are not comfortable you can’t run for longer time. The uncomfortable shoes may also raise the risk of injuries. To get rid of this problem, follow the new technique.

There’s one perfect running form
The many believe that there is one perfect way to run. But the fact this is a myth if runner practice ideal running form they become less efficient. If runner practices their own form they become more efficient. (Also read: Complete Workout Plan With Body Weight exercises)

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