What are the myths about consuming supplements

what are the myths about consuming supplements

Aiming to improve overall health and to achieve fitness goals, many people consume vitamins and supplements. The supplements fulfil the requirement of proteins and other nutrients in the body. Moreover, the consumption of supplements is very beneficial to repair damaged tissues after a workout. Despite, there are many myths about the benefits of consuming supplements still there are many myths are surrounds the supplements. These myths should be busted to get maximum from the supplement. (Also read: What are the various benefits of jogging to our overall health)

Let’s debunk the myth about supplements:

Myth: Men needs supplementation more

Many women believe that the consumption of supplements will make them masculine and affect their femininity.

Truth: Men grow muscles because they have a higher numbers of testosterone as compared to female. So, it is an only myth that the men only consume supplements women cannot consume the supplement. Women can also consume the supplements to fulfil the requirement of protein and nutrients.

Myth: A balanced diet doesn’t require supplements

It is fact that the food is a good source of vitamin and nutrients. It is almost impossible to eat food in right proportion to get all the nutrients and vitamin. Moreover, nutrients are almost decline during cooking and washing.

Truth: The quality supplement provides essential nutrients and vitamin to the body, which are necessary to attain fitness targets.

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Myth: Increasing the amount of protein exhorts pressure on kidneys

Kidneys plays an important role in body as the flush out the excess and unwanted substances from the body or it may be excess protein.

Truth: The amount of protein does not pressure on the kidneys. You should consume sufficient amount of protein. But make sure you also have an adequate amount of water.

Myth: Supplements have steroids mixed in them

It is well-known fact that supplements are very beneficial to grow build muscles and also improves the overall health. There is a myth that supplements are full of steroids which is harmful to our body.

Truth: If you buy a supplement from renowned brand then it is safe. If the supplements have recommended dosage then it is considered to be safe.

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