What are the mistakes being done while doing leg workout

mistakes done leg workout

Your feet need to be strong for complete physical fitness and strength. Because the burden of your upper body needs to be handled with your feet. The feet also play a vital role in daily activities such as walking and running. Therefore, the leg workout must be included in your routine. But you should be very careful while practising this workout because all your efforts can be useless by making mistakes.

Let us know what mistakes people make while practising leg workout and how to fix them.

Targeting the wrong area
mistakes done leg workout
While working out a leg, you have to keep the foot position very carefully to target the correct muscles. Many people believe that by keeping the feet wide, keeping the outer quads and inside keep an impact on the inner quads. But it is wrong to believe that because keeping the feet out during the smith machine squat or normal squat puts pressure on the inner quads. Simultaneously, keep your feet straight in the line of hips.

Lifting extra heavyweight

In this exercise, you should take more weight than all other exercises, but while doing so keep in mind that the movement of your exercise is being done completely. Because lifting a lot of weight does not allow you to make full reps, which eliminates its effect. Therefore, do the whole wrap and keep the number of raps between 8-12.

Squatting incorrectly

Most people squat incorrectly, causing the effect of the exercise to fall on the waist instead of the feet. So do not open your legs while squatting and try to keep the waist straight by hitting the hips and come down in such a way that you are going to sit in a chair.

Do not exercise till tired

Do not make front squats, leg press, walking lunge until get tired of the muscles, keep in mind that unless your feet are tired, the exercise does not have any effect. Therefore, increasing your intensity with the help of full reps, half reps and supersets, which will provide a quick result.

Practicing small reps

By raising excess weight your reps become smaller. Therefore, instead of raising the excess weight, pay attention to the entire movement of the body, the right posture and exercise.

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