What Are The Foods You Should Eat For Total Body Strength

What Are The Foods You Should Eat For Total Body Strength

Our body needs various foods to get strength. Those who care for their entire body and muscle strengthening, eat different foods to get the strength in various body parts. But it is not necessary. Along with the right exercises and workouts, you can have some amazing foods regularly which will make your entire muscle and body strong. These foods can give you enough calories, fibres, macros and essential nutrients which can be the real secret for your entire diet. Hence, let us have a look at these foods which can altogether help in strengthening your total body. (Also Read: Different plank variations for a powerful workout)


Chicken is an essential food when it comes to body strengthening. While building and repairing muscles by consuming all types of the amino acid is much needed. It helps in muscle protein synthesis. 100 grammes chicken contains almost 190 calories, almost 30-gram protein and 3 grammes of fat. Moreover, chicken contains niacin, Vitamine- B6 & B12. Thus, it is clear that how important chicken can be to metabolise your body in a right way.


What Are The Foods You Should Eat For Total Body Strength

If you are building your body, make eggs your best friend. A jampacked protein supplement also gets failed in front of eggs. Eggs have supreme proteins which work in enhancing muscles easily. If you are taking one medium sized egg, it contains almost 75 calories, 5-7 grammes proteins, 3-5 grams fat.


Yoghurt is the best thing to add to your shakes or smoothies. It has an amazing amount of calcium which makes bones stronger and prevents osteoporosis in the later age. Not only this, it helps in preventing muscle cramps and protects bones. If you have greek yoghurt then it is great. You can have it with any other food you prefer. It can be added to fruits, shakes or on your favourite pasta and snacks. (Also Read: Important exercises to get wider shoulder)


What Are The Foods You Should Eat For Total Body Strength

Quinoa is great when it comes to serving a lot of amino acid and complete protein. It has a premium amino acid, leucine which helps in muscle synthesis and repairing. Moreover, it has a lot of magnesium, iron, potassium which all together help in muscle contraction. So, consuming this in your breakfast and any snack time can be best for your health if you are building muscles.


You all know that spinach is super essential to grow your body muscles. It has a lot of antioxidants, protein, calcium. iron etc. So, when it comes to building muscles, Spinach is considered to be the best vegetable. (Also Read: What Are The Benefits Of Walking 30 Minutes Everyday)

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