What are the exercises you can perform in high rep circuit for muscular body

what are the exercises you can perform in high rep circuit for muscular body

It is well-known fact that the heavy weightlifting is one of the best options to gain muscles. If you want to get desired results at the earliest then you should practice more reps. The more reps will give you more effective results than lifting heavy weight. Lifting lighter load and practising 20 to 25 reps build as much muscle which one can achieve practising with heavy weight. There are exercises which you can perform in high rep circuit with lighter load to gain more muscles

How does it work?

Use lightweight so you can practice 20 to 25 reps. Practice this in the circuit and complete one set of each move, which you will repeat two to three times.

Here are the exercises which you can perform in high rep circuit with the low load.

Front raise

To practice this exercise you just need a resistance band. This exercise effectively works on the shoulder. To practice this exercise, stand on bands and hold the opposite ends. After this raise your arms in front of your body to shoulder height.

Seated dumbbell lateral raise

This exercise also works effectively on the shoulder and strengthen them. To practice this exercise, sit on the table while holding dumbbells in both hands, but let your arms hang at your sides. After this raise the weights out to your sides at 90 degrees.

Isometric-explosive pushup

This exercise is very beneficial for the chest. It strengthens the chest and helps to make it look muscular. This exercise is an advanced progression of the standard pushup. While practising the exercise you have to push hands off to the ground. Moreover, this exercise increases the power, endurance as well as strengthen the entire body. To practice this exercise, come in the standard pushup position and keep your core tight. Slowly lower your body on the ground and then push back. And push your back explosively so that your elbows get fully extended. And then land softly.

Lying Dumbbell Skull Crusher

The lying dumbbell skull crusher is a good exercise it works on the triceps as well as on the abs. To practice, this exercise, lie back on a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Hold the weights over your chest, palms facing each other. Bend your elbows and lower the weights to the sides of your head.

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